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Our aim is to assist Canadian families in managing their financial affairs and investment decisions. If you are struggling to find the right professional, or want help setting up a New Company, or fed up of not receiving the lowest Mortgages rates, need help or guidance through any of these processes, then you have come to the right place! We are excited to help you find the right professional(s), FREE OF CHARGE, and will endeavor to provide a great service to you and your loved ones.

With the economic climate changing in Canada, the US and Europe, staying on top of the latest Tax, Accounting, Mortgage and Insurance news is difficult. Clarified Partners aims to make your life easier by posting regular updates to our website blog as well as communicate to our members via email/newsletters.

Our Clarified Partners marketplace will help you connect to professionals who will serve your needs with the following services:


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Don’t go to someone who simply inputs your data. Hire someone who can advise you, guide you and work on your short and long term goals.

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