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Company Incorporations

A corporation is considered to be a distinct legal entity (legal person), separate from its shareholders (owners), directors and officers. It may own real estate or other property in its own name, may acquire rights, may be responsible for obligations and liabilities, may enter into contracts and agreements, etc. A corporation can sue, and also, be sued as a separate legal entity. A corporation provides limited liability, protection of business name, continuity of business, better tax planning opportunities, and flexible ownership and management structure.

  • Clarified Partners will assist in forming both Federal and Provincial corporations. We can also help you with incorporating non-for-profit corporations.
  • Non-residents are entitled to register a corporation as well. We help in providing incorporation related services, accounting and income tax services for non-resident corporations.
  • Federal Corporation provides increased name protection and provides the capability to operate in multiple Canadian jurisdictions, subject to local registration.

Please find a few helpful steps/hints to form a corporation or start a business:

1. Select your Corporate Name, if not numbered corporation
2. Select the need of Federal or Provincial incorporation
3. Prepare and file the Articles of Association
4. Prepare of Minute Book
5. Select your Directors and Shareholders
6. Open of bank account
7. Follow up on business licenses and permits if needed
8. Start the business

For more detailed guidance on Company formation, please contact Clarified Partners.

Business Registrations

The name of a new business must be registered if it’s different than the business-owner’s legal name. Once registered, the registration is valid for 5 years, after which, it must be renewed. If you change your business name or type (for example, from a general partnership to a sole proprietorship), this requires a new registration.
Once registered, you will receive a Master Business Licence (MBL), which you can use as a “proof of business name registration” at financial institutions and in business transactions with the Ontario government.
It is important to note that you are not exclusively entitled to your company’s name on business registration. However, you carry the right to identify your operations under the business name that you registered with. Only corporation will secure your name permanently.
Before you complete the business name registration process, NUANS searches are used to identify whether a proposed business name is available for registration. The proposed name is compared with existing business names, corporate names and trade-marks in government databases by NUANS search.

You can register a business name for a sole-proprietorship, partnership or corporation in order to create:

  • Sole-proprietorship/partnership: Register a business name for a sole proprietorship (one owner and must be an individual), or the firm name of a general partnership (more than one owner and can be individual, corporation, trust, limited partnership or general partnership).
  • Corporation: Register a business name for a corporation that is different from the corporation’s name that the corporation is using to conduct business. Non-for-profit corporations must also complete this form to publicly use a name other than their corporation name.

Please fins a few helpful hints/ steps to complete business registrations and starting business:

1. Select the business name, if not the personal name
2. NUANS search for name
3. Pay the fees for business registration
4. Open a bank account
5. Follow up on business licenses and permits if needed
6. Start the business

For more detailed guidance on business registrations, please contact Clarified Partners.

Why clients bank upon us?

    • Professionally qualified and trained staff
    • Diversified cross-border exposure
    • Sector specialized experience
    • Client confidentiality Guarantee
    • Regular updating of Client records
    • Frequent consultation, depending on client needs
    • Off-site / On-site work flexibility
    • Attention to detail and proactive Approach
    • Cost effective model with low-fee structure

Who do we serve?

    • Individuals
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    • Trusts
    • Global clients

What sectors we focus on?

  • Medical doctors
  • Dentists
  • Lawyers
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  • Engineers
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  • Hotels, motels and restaurants
  • Traders and service providers
  • Students
  • Senior citizens
  • Storages and warehousing
  • Real estate brokers and agents
  • Investors
  • Manufacturers
  • Other small businesses
  • Franchises

What can you look forward from our tax specialist?

  • 24/7 Client Assistance if required
  • Accurate and reliable advice
  • Industry-leading solutions that enhance business operations, identify areas for improvement throughout your internal controls, procedures, and systems
  • Help with or perform Cost Analysis and Cash-flow statements
  • Month-End and Year-End support
  • Regular update of the Financial requirements
  • Support from any questions from the Regulators or Accounting bodies
  • Value-added reports on request

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