Real Estate Services

Are you looking to Buy, Sell or Lease a Residential or Commercial property? Do you want expert advice that you can intrepidly place your trust in? Clarified Partners’ Real Estate advisory partners offer deep insights into the changing dynamics of Real Estate Market. They have extensive Client Service experience and are extremely well-connected to a Network of market-specialized Agents and quality Brokerage houses. Our experts are uniquely qualified to serve your needs and guide you through any Real Estate situation.

Clarified Partners offer a variety of assistance with:


  • Discuss and agree on the Client’s requirements for the intended property purchase and investment capacity
  • Connect with Realtors, Agents and Brokers where needed
  • Explore different options to find a suitable unit as per our Client’s needs
  • Review the Listed Price, Tax Structure and ancillary matters
  • Physical examination of the property with the Client and help place the offer to Buy
  • Ensure the proper completion of Legal documentation and assist in the Handover / Takeover process


  • Connect Clients to suitable Realtor and Sales teams
  • Help to reach the ideal price for the property
  • Professional advice to ensure the Property is staged to reach its maximum potential selling price and during and an optimal appearance for an Open House viewing
  • List the property for Sale and create an effective marketing strategy
  • Deal with Buyers, make comparisons of received offers to suit our Sellers wishes for the desired Sale
  • Help to Close the deal and assist in the Handover / Takeover process


Assist the Client to sign the Representation Agreement as either Lessee or Lessor

  • On sell side:
    1. Understand the Client’s wishes and expectations with regards to listing the property.
    2. Manage the received offers, ensuring buyer’s background and related particulars and finalizing one of the offers with client’s approval
    3. Assist the Client in the Handover process and help to structure payment receipts.
    4. Liaise with Clarified Partners for a Tax efficient strategy for the property and the financial components.
  • On buy side:
    1. Discuss and understand the Client’s Residential or Commercial choice. For example: Unit size, the area/community, and the duration for the lease.
    2. Review the suitably of potential listings available in the area.
    3. Deal directly with the Selling Agents or help support the Client in negotiations e.g. deposits, tenure, fine details.
    4. Help to arrange a site visit of the desired property.
    5. Help to finalize the Lease agreement and assist in the Handover / Takeover process.

Why clients bank upon us?

    • Wide range market knowledge
    • Professionally qualified and exceptionally trained staff
    • Well-connected network and active involvement with agents and brokers
    • First class and timely service
    • Focused attention to detail
    • Cost effective model with low fee structure

Who do we serve?

    • Individuals
    • Corporations and Other Businesses
    • Investors
    • First time home buyers
    • Repeat buyers

What can you look forward from our book-keeping experts?

    • Personal and customized advice on your requirements
    • Vast experience in dealing with all kind of properties; Houses, Townhouses, Condos, Commercial
    • Proactive engagement model to find the best property solution
    • Integrity, Professionalism and Reliability
    • Protection of your Fiscal interests specially where returnable-deposits are given
    • Advice on the right locations for your needs and alternative strategies
    • Commitment to ensure options are presented to avoid undesirable areas, e.g. with higher crime rate or potential future issues.
    • Ensure a smooth transition process
    • Thorough review of the Legal documents
    • Options are presented to be Tax efficient in your strategy.

What Our Customers Say


Don’t go to someone who simply inputs your data. Hire someone who can advise you, guide you and work on your short and long term goals.


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